filter tips (filter_tips) wrote in adoptee_in_pain,
filter tips

hello, first post and all! :)

This community looks rather quiet so I thought I'd try to kink it off abit with a first post!

I am adopted and have had very bad experiences with my family that adopted me. They have not ever really shown me unconditional love and I feel that them having me was the second best option they could muster, since they could not have children of their own.

They pretty much washed their hands of me once I turned 18 and I am the least helped out and supported person I have known, taking my parents resources into account.

I have met my real mother but not my real father. But I feel that my birth mother is very wrapped up in guilt for not having kept me and also other issues which I can only guess at.

All in all it's been pretty difficult and I don't feel connected to my family at all, I feel very much the outsider in all respects. My parents are very conservative and I am very artistic and creative and inquisitive and liberal. We are like chalk and cheese.

What have your experiences been like, I'd be interested to know?
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